Angel Memory Boxes

Our Angel Memory Boxes are given to families who experience the loss of a baby from 16 weeks gestation through the first year of life at local hospitals.  We know that nothing can replace the loss of a baby.  Our hope is that these care packages give parents guidance during their brief moments in the hospital with their babies and bring comfort during their grief.  Here are the items that we include in our memory boxes.

  • Momento box
  • Sympathy card
  • Pamphlets created by Mikayla’s Grace with the help of local bereaved parents:
    • “What I wish someone would have told me before I left the hospital”
    • “Making Funeral/Cremation Arrangements”
  • Teddy bear
  • Hand/foot molds to make 3 D impressions of baby’s hand and feet as keepsakes
  • Special burial gowns with matching hat and booties {link to handmade items page}
  • Pair of Knit blankets (One to keep with baby and one to send home with parents as keepsake) {link to handmade items page}
  • Envelope keepsake for hair
  • Special keepsake cards for baby’s hand and footprints
  • Keepsake Certificate of Life
  • Votive candle
  • Little Footprints: A Special Babies Memory Book
  • Strong and Tender: A guide for Father’s whose Baby has died
  • Grief resources and booklets
  • Information pamphlet on I will Love You Forever (special keepsake book especially for angels)
  • Information pamphlet on Faith’s Lodge
  • Directions to our Infant Loss Resource Page {link to Infant Loss Resource Page}

If you are interested in donating specific items towards the Angel Memory Box donations you can contact us or purchase items needed on our Wishlist here.