Mikayla’s Grace is a 501c3 non-profit run solely by volunteers.  We have several committees which are led by volunteers, but there are hundreds of other individuals who volunteer to make handmade items, assemble donations at our Work Days, and facilitate our events.

These are just a few of the people who make our mission possible.

Forever in Our Hearts Remembrance Day Planning Committee

This committee is responsible for planning our event each October in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month.

Chair: Alissa Paulson

2012 Planning Committee:
Maureen Berghoefer
Anne Blindt
Andrea Grover
Amy Falkner
Kristen Lottes
Shannon Mayerl
Georgia Paulson
Cynthia Prest
Craig Robida
Alli Ryan
Mary Sweeney
Jen Walker
Jessica Webster
Jenah Ulrich

Baby Loss Care Packages

This committee is responsible for implementing donations and communicating with hospitals and clinics regarding our care packages that serve families with early pregnancy loss prior to 16 weeks gestation.

Chair: Cynthia Prest

Regional Committees

In order to serve more small communities outside of the Madison area, we have Regional Committees run by parent volunteers.  These Committees will help serve different areas of need in their local communities throughout Wisconsin as well as coordinate donations of our items to their local hospitals and clinics.  If you are interested in starting a Regional Committee in your community or serving on an existing committee please contact us.

Janesville (St. Mary’s Janesville & Mercy Hospital) – Chair: Gina Hillmann

Work Day Committee

The individuals on this committee help prepare for our Work Days which are held each January and June.  The Work Days are an opportunity for any of our supporters to come and help assemble the donations which are given to local hospitals. The committee members help organize and lead specific areas of the Work Days.

Maryanne Anschutz
Andrea Grover
Cynthia Prest
Steph Priboth
Teri Robida
Donna Thompson

American Family Childrens’ Hospital

This committee works with the Children’s Hospital on determining what donations are needed. 

Chair: Teri Robida

NICU Project Committee

This committee will work with the hospital NICU departments to determine needs of NICU patients and parents beyond the donations of NICU Care packages.  They will be responsible for coordinating NICU Holiday donations (including the Christmas stockings and any other holidays they wish to donate items for).  They will implement and coordinate any additional NICU support programs needed.

 Co-Chairs: Courtney Cantwell & Amy Jesse